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Friday, February 14, 2014

Virginia is for Lovers!

Virginia is for Lovers!

ALL 50 States Should be for Lovers 

Recently, a  Federal judge in Virginia ruled that the state's ban on same-gender marriage was unconstitutional.  This is another victory in what looks like a year for a tidal change (with more than a dozen pending lawsuits) for the equality of America's gay and lesbian taxpayers who since achieving adulthood have had to pay taxes to their state and federal governments as an obligation of citizenship.  However, we have not been receiving the full benefits and privileges we should expect from that responsibility.

I know that the constant talk of loving couples and families is meant as a legitimate representation of gay life as being little different from straight life.  I think most of us can handle our private lives, but that little difference between the lives of gays and straights is founded in the impediment of discriminatory laws.  I'm so heartened to read in the rulings from the various Federal judges in Oklahoma, Utah, Kentucky, and Virginia during the past three weeks phrases that outline the commonality of our citizenship in a civil society.  These rulings have highlighted that straights are not asked about their private lives or future decisions about things best left to the couples--as it should be.  The California Prop 8 trial with its very detailed ruling in favor of marriage equality from Federal Judge Vaughn Walker pulled out the footings from the dam of discrimination maintained by the homo-haters, based as it was on the ignorance and campfire mythology of religious views.  I welcome the flood of justice washing over our gay and lesbian colleagues.


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  1. clip A survey of publicly available opinions shows that in the eight months since Windsor, 18 court decisions have addressed an issue of equality based on sexual orientation. And in those 18 cases, equality has won every single time. In other words, not a single court has agreed with Chief Justice Roberts that Windsor is merely about state versus federal power. Instead, each has used Windsor exactly as Justice Scalia “warned”—as a powerful precedent for equality.

    This hasn’t all been about marriage. Twelve decisions have addressed a substantive aspect of marriage equality since Windsor, and equality has won in all 12—with the Virginia decision now joining decisions from Kentucky, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, and West Virginia, and two decisions each in Illinois, New Jersey, and Ohio. But six other cases since Windsor have addressed different aspects of discrimination based on sexual orientation, such as discrimination on juries and employment benefits, and the side of equality has won in all six of those cases as well.

    Since Windsor, in these 18 decisions, 32 different judges have considered whether Windsor is merely about the relationship between the state and federal governments or whether it is about equality. And all 32 of them have found for equality. In other words, 32 accomplished, intelligent lawyers, appointed by Democrats and Republicans, whose job it is to read precedent, have ruled for equality. Not a single one has disagreed.